Financial Healthcheck (Data)

Transparency Brings Informed Decisions

On average, GCB find a 0.1% error rate in any financial data – this can equate to millions of pounds when working with global companies and public sector bodies.

GCB work on a Success Only fee structure – ensuring there is no upfront risk to its’ clients.

GCB expert analysts and auditors work to ensure minimal disruption to its clients’ day-to-day business

GCB ensure confidentiality and provide clients with unique access to a secure data file transfer portal to ensure the secure transportation of confidential electronic client files.

 GCB can:

      •  Highlight and reclaim any data input errors including duplicate invoices, unclaimed or partial discount, take-ups;
      • Review supplier contract compliance;
      • Facilitate Supplier-benchmarking;
      • Cross-check historical VAT returns and identify tax relief items,

Amongst many others

FACTtm is at the Core of GCB’s Work

GCB’s expertise is based on years of experience in specialist forensic costs and compliance analysis.  Born out of necessity in data-led recovery work – GCB’s bespoke, interrogative software – FACTtm has  been created exclusively by in-house qualified accountants and data analysts.

The FACTtm software is a powerful and unique tool.  It uses proprietary search algorithms and sophisticated pattern-matching techniques to allow our consultants to analyse infinite amounts of data.  This, coupled with highly qualified consultants ensures GCB can provide very high standards of financial data analysis.

Data collection from the client’s accounts payable system is seamless thereby ensuring minimal impact to day-to-day operations.

There is no upper limit on volume of data. FACTtm is capable of processing large amounts of data with speed and accuracy.

GCB’s independent analysis of the client’s data ensures the avoidance of costly mistakes impacting negatively on profit margins.

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