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Increase your competitive advantage through GCB .  We offer a positive, measurable influence on your profit margins.

At Global Cashback Limited we are dedicated to providing our clients with a service consistent with our aim of achieving ethical and sustainable profit recovery and cost saving solutions.

Our business model is based on the development of close working partnerships with our clients to ensure we understand the business.  This understanding translates into maximising profit recovery and cost saving opportunities for clients.  Without this insight, we would limit ourselves to the superficial opportunities.

GCB has the knowledge and capabilities to deliver effective and sustainable solutions to you to stream-line your cost base.  We give transparency and accuracy in both the procurement and invoicing processes to maximise cost saving opportunities.

This practical, transparent approach through pro-active, professional and connected staff gives clients the freedom needed to concentrate on their core business.

In today’s market, achieving a lean and competitive business could mean the difference between success and failure.

GCB’s best practice dictates that delivery methods are tailored to the requirements and needs of the client.  For each assignment, GCB takes into account the client’s commercial needs, the scope of work, data sources, confidentiality issues and sensitivity to any internal, political relationships.

GCB’s innovative and pro-active product portfolio ensures that GCB are an enviable force in achieving significant cost reductions and profit recovery for its clients.

Can your business afford not to use GCB?

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